Starti.VO - Mamylac

Complete milk replacer for breeding calves A special starter milk powder, preventive feed for new-born calves.

Starti.Vo is a complete milk powder that contains 50% skimmed milk powder, and that can used without adding other additives.

Enriched with lypholised colostrum and vitamins, trace elements, lactic ferments and plant extracts, Starti.VO:

  • Strengthens the calf’s overall immunity;
  • Increases the calf’s resistance to diseases:
    • Bacteria: colibacillosis (E.coli)
    • Parasites: cryptosporidiosis
    • Viruses: rota and corona virus
  • Corrects deficiencies which may occur during gestation;
  • Prevents or helps to treat diarrhoea.


  • From D2 to D12
  • 50% skimmed milk powder
  • Lypholised colostrum
  • Natural colostrum enzymes
  • Dose enriched with vitamins, lactic ferments, trace elements and plant extracts
  • Concentration: minimum 135 g/liter
  • Dilution: maximum 45°
  • Minimum quantity of 4 liters per day
  • Quantity per calf: 5kg/calf
Starti.VO does not replace the mother’s colostrum on the first day.


Your calves get the best start with Starti.Vo! Diarrhoea and veterinary costs are a thing of the past!

Etienne Rouxhet, farmer, Durbuy, Belgium