What is a milk powder made from? - Mamylac

What is a milk powder made from?

Skimmed milkcontains casein, the protein that is essential for optimum development and growth of the young calf.

Lactoserum(whey/residue from cheese) does not contain casein.

Milk powders for calves based on lactoserum therefore need to be fortified with vegetable protein. Less expensive, they are also less effective for young calves. Their use is recommended for weaning.

There are many different types of skimmed milk in different qualities: milk powder fit for human consumption, milk powder for animal consumption and downgraded milk powder. Mamylac essentially uses human quality skimmed milk powder.

Using a high quality milk allows you to rear your calves successfully, as well as improving the yield from your adult animals.

Milk powder based on skimmed milk = The advantages of whole milk without its disadvantages