Micronutrients : for improved digestibility and immunity - Mamylac

Micronutrients : for improved digestibility and immunity

Micronutrients are the elements that allow a better absorption of the nutritional elements for optimum growth of the calf. they also strengthen the organism’s natural defences.

Mamylac milk powders are stable products, manufactured to the most rigorous of quality standards. They allow for perfectly controlled breeding.

Most of the Mamylac micronutrients are innovative and exclusive, which makes our products totally different from the others.

Mamylac milk powders contain :
  • 14 vitamins : A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, PP, K3, choline, biotin, folic acid;
  • Several plant extract that strengthen the calf’s natural immunity;
  • Specific immunoglobulins;
  • A balanced blend of five amino acids for optimum growth: threonine, tryptophan, valine, lysine and methionine ;
  • Lactic ferments (prebiotic and probiotic) selected for the development of good intestinal flora;
  • Organic selenium, for improved absorption;
  • Citric acid for very high digestibility;
  • Vanilla flavour for improved palatability;
  • ...