Adding fats - Mamylac

Adding fats

A major point with respect to the quality of a powder is the method used to add fat to the powder.

Skimmed milk and lactoserum are low in fat, and so it is essential to add fat other than that from the milk. Vegetable oils and fats must be added at a percentage that is adapted in line with their protein content.

Two methods of incorporation
A simple and cheap method

Spray the fat on the powder => fatty powder => need to increase the dilution temperature to dissolve the fats and obtain an homogeneous mix.


The SPRAY method

A top-end industrial process => more costly, but each globule of fat is coated => the end result is identical to whole milk.

The advantages of the SPRAY method used exclusively by Mamylac
Instant dilution at 40°C (drinkable temperature)

No degradation of the components with higher dilution temperatures.

Easier for the calf to digest

The calf first ingests the proteins in the abomasum, then the fats in the digestive tract. => Only the spray process allows this order to be followed

Dilution at a temperature that allows micronutrients to be added

At higher temperatures (50°C and above), incorporation is impossible or the micronutrients become degraded